Who is anna trebunskaya dating

Who is anna trebunskaya dating

Who is anna trebunskaya dating 1

See all anna trebunskayas marriages divorces hookups break ups affairs and dating relationships plus celebrity photos latest anna trebunskaya news gossip and biography anna trebunskaya is currently filed for divorce from jonathan roberts and is currently engaged to nevin millan.

Who is anna trebunskaya dating 2

Jonathan roberts born jonathan robert stubenrauch april 20 1974 is an american professional ballroom dancer he decided to take up dancing after he received a free trial at a local dance studio and enjoyed it he currently resides in california.

Who is anna trebunskaya dating 3

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Anna trebunskaya was born december 28 1980 in chelyabinsk russia her parents oleg trebunski and irina trebunskaya owned a dance studio and were professional ballroom dancers having begun dancing at the age of six their daughter entered and won her first competition when she was seven.

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Dancing with the stars prodancer anna trebunskaya is married to her former dance partner jonathan roberts the two live in los angeles together and even have a.

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anna trebunskaya is taking the season off from being a dancing with the stars pro because she has a baby on the way the dancer said shes super excited to become a.

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