Dating patent numbers uk


Dating patent numbers uk

Dating patent numbers uk 1

Biddingtons provides a list of patent numbers crossreferenced with the dates they were issued to help in determining the age of antiques and collectibles.

Dating patent numbers uk 2

Taf report issue dates and patent numbers since 1836 by year 1836 to 2001 by issue date 1963 121994 with addendum for issue dates from 1995.

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Uspto patent links table of issue years and patent numbers for selected document types issued since 1836.

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These numbers were allocated when the old patents from 1617 were printed for the first time in the 1850s again the british library allocates the year as well as the number to help identify it the irish and scottish patents have not been printed the irish patents were destroyed in a fire in 1921 or numbered.

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Find early british patents patents from this period to cite both the patent number and the year to 12000 companies dating from the late 19th.

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Chart showing last gb patent issued in each year from 1920 to 1959 displaying patent numbers this is my uk gb equivalent of the list presented on that site.

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What patent numbers mean the first patent act was signed into effect by george washington on april 10 1790 three and a half months later on july 31 1790 the first us patent for a method of making pot ash useful in soap production was issued to samuel hopkins of philadelphia.

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Dating british clocks by their patent andor registered design numbers parts found in many british clocks may be marked with one or more british patent numbers or registered design numbers however the british patent numbering system and the manner in which patent registration was displayed on the item is much more complex than the.

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